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Such high-capacity appliances are therefore aimed at specific customer base that needs large quantities of hot water produced at very sensible prices and which can be provided quickly. The ideal users of our appliances are Hotels, Restaurants, Resort Areas, Camping Sites, Sporting Centres, Schools, Hospitals, and Factories. These kinds of users find that producing hot water directly without any thermal exchange is economical and produces almost no maintenance costs.

The sales policy of HEIZER GAS is very clear be it in Italy or abroad.  In Italy sales are carried out only through the channel of wholesale dealers of plumbing and heating equipment.

Abroad, sales through exclusive importers or distributors who are also able to handle the aspect of technical assistance are favoured.  It gives us great satisfaction to point out that all foreign partners who started collaborating with us at one point are still our partners today. They are thoroughly satisfied by the in progress partnership which has led to a growth in both business and image for everyone.

HEIZER water Heaters have been installed within some of the most prestigious Hotels, Restaurants, Sporting Centres, and Public Institutions in Europe.

users1The following is a list of only a few of them:

· “Meazza” Stadium of  Milan
· “Olympic” Stadium of Turin
· “Olympic Stadium” of Rome 
· “Santiago Bernabeu” Stadium of Madrid

Sporting Centres
· Harbour Club of Milan and London
· Olympic Village of Athens
· Olympic Village of Barcelona

Tourist Villages
· Most of the Valtur Tourist Villages  in Italy 
· Most of the Club Mediterraneè Tourist Villages in Italy
· Most of the Viaggi del Ventaglio Tourist Villages  in Italy 
· Jumirah Resort Dubai

· Radisson Hotels in Milan, Prague, and Budapest
· Intercontinental Hotels in Milan, Rome, London, Prague, and Madrid
· Holiday Inn Hotels in more than 50 Italian and English locations

· Most of the McDonald’s in Italy
· The Vissani Restaurant of Baschi
· The Gualtiero Marchesi Restaurant of Erbusco
· The Cracco Peck Restaurant of Milano

Public Institutions
· The Italian Chamber of Deputies 
· The Department of Public Education in Rome
· The Department of Industry in Rome
· The Prime Minister’s Office in London on Downing Street
· Heathrow Airport of London
· Malpensa Airport of Milan