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HEIZER has always focused its attention on products that produce hot water in large quantities for the professional sector. Over the years, it has always expanded its range of products in accordance with the demands of the market. A complete line of glasslined and stainless steel calorifiers and buffer tanks, along with a more recent line of Hi-Tech, Japanese-produced instant gas water heaters for professional use has been added to our range of commercial gas and electric storage water heaters.  

The core-business of our production consists of all commercial gas storage water heater models with a capacity between 150 and 2000 litres.

Attention to the needs of the market and our customer base combined with the skills of our technical department has always allowed us to offer the highest level of products and service assistance on the market. Over time, strong specialisation in this specific sector has helped us become one of the leading companies in Italy

Our present catalogue is in fact among the most complete ones available and consists of, aside from the standard permanent pilot complete with piezo-ignition models, electronic ignition models, high power models, as well as a complete range of fan assisted balanced flue appliances.  

HEIZER is the only Italian manufacturer of water heaters that is mainly specialised in the gas sector rather than the electric one.  

In contrast to our more accredited competitors, we offer precise technical choices aimed at achieving a superior power of up to 90% capacity. 

As a result, our appliances can boast of a heating time which is beyond the reach of appliances which, with regards to other aspects, are the same as ours. 

We already have plans in place to introduce further new equipment to the market with emphasis being placed on efficiency and environmental issues.