In cooperation with the local Agent Mr. Remenyi Gabor, on October 3rd a technical training for the new Hi-Tech Instant gas water heaters has been held in Budapest. The training was attended by several representatives of the main design offices, wholesalers, and engineering studios throughout Hungary. It was a necessary step to provide the most reliable players in the Hungarian market with a standard and recognizable level of achievement for what it concerns installation, maintenance and operation. It is believed that the cohesive set of generic training modules will provide a path to control excellence.

The training, both commercial and technical, has been led Mr. Hiroyuki Asakura, in partnership with the technicians of Dr. Gas, our local After Sale Service partner, and it was divided in a theoretical part, and in an intensive second part, which had included several practical tests.

The new Instantaneous Gas water heaters, series TWH/TWHE, are manufactured in Japan and are distributed on exclusive basis by Heizer in different countries in Europe.

Everyone was favorably impressed by the exceptional performances and potential of these new Heizer products. A special thanks to our Agent Mr. Remenyi Gabor and his staff for the excellent organization and for their hospitality.