According with the new EU Directives related to the Low NOx emissions, we are pleased to announce you that the new updated line of conventional flue commercial gas water heaters is now available. The new range is named TGE LX and consists of six different models from 160 to 800 liters, with power from 12 to 28 kW.

The water heaters are conventional flue type, fitted with electronic ignition and suitable for natural and LPG gas. The new burners, together with some extra modifications, guarantees a Low NOx emissions < 56 mg/kWh, which is 75% lower than the traditional gas water heaters. In order to reach this target, a small reduction of the burner power and an enlargement of the combustion chamber has been carried out.

Such products, ideally designed for residential and professional applications fully comply all the new regulations and certifications recently introduced in the EU countries. In particular, they are manufactured according with the following directives:

- GAR 2016/426 CE

- Low NOx 812-814/2013

- 2009/125/CE Energy Related Products (ErP)

The glass-lining process has been further improved in terms of quality and reliability and the average life of the unit is expecting to be longer.